The Miguel Cabrera Foundation is Dedicated to Helping Kids and Their Families Use Baseball to Reach the Stars!

The Mission

The Miguel Cabrera Foundation was founded on Miguel's core belief that achievement springs from three places:

"Work Hard, Dream Big, and Help Others."

As one of the biggest stars of Major League Baseball today, Miguel Cabrera founded the Miguel Cabrera Foundation to help kids and families thrive using baseball as a path to reach the stars.

Miguel's philosophy was shaped via his being the only contemporary baseball player to be to achieve MLB's prestigious Triple Crown, a recognition that truly awards a transformational player.

Miguel Cabrera's dream of becoming an accomplished baseball player has inspired him and his wife Rosangel to focus the foundation on two specific activities:

  1. Revitalizing baseball fields in schools and neighborhoods where athletics can be used as a catalyst for student engagement and achievement.
  2. Providing scholarships